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Some Chubb Bills Moved to Gallagher Bassett

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September 24, 2023

During October 2014, it came to daisyBill’s attention that Gallagher Bassett would administer some workers’ comp claims formerly administered by Chubb. Needless to say, this has caused some confusion about where to send Chubb bills, which claims are affected, and whether new claim numbers are required for submission.

Please be aware of a complicated process for submitting new bills or tracking previously submitted bills.

First, not all Chubb claims seem to be affected. The affected claims can mostly be identified by their old Chubb claim numbers, which are 12 characters in length begin with the letters “WC” followed by ten numbers; for example, WC9999999999.

Most, but not all, affected claims can be identified this way.

For affected claims, Gallagher Bassett has replaced Chubb’s claim numbers with its own claim numbers, which you must use going forward. You cannot get these new claim numbers from Chubb, nor can you currently get them from Gallagher Bassett’s main bill review number.

daisyBill had success contacting Gallagher Bassett Services by calling (844) 821-8218. Call this number to get the new claim numbers.

The new Gallagher Bassett claim numbers should follow this pattern:

  • Length: 16
  • Pattern: Six numbers, dash, six numbers, dash, the letters WC, two numbers (usually ‘01’)
  • Example: 999999-999999-WC-01

Finally, remember to get the new physical or electronic address for bill submission on affected claims.

Note: The majority of Chubb claims are not being transferred to Gallagher Bassett and providers can continue to submit those claims to Chubb Group. As a reminder, the Chubb claim number pattern is as follows:
  • Length: 12
  • Pattern: Twelve numbers
  • Example: 999999999999

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