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Hey, a bigger team is better!

Invite additional users to your DaisyBill account from the Manage Users page. The Invite User feature is limited to users with the Role of Organization Admin.

Step 1. On the navigation bar, click your ‘User’ icon, then select ‘Manage Users’

Step 2. To add a new user, click ‘Invite User’

Step 3. Enter the new user’s Email address

This is the Email they’ll use to login to DaisyBill.

Step 4. Select ‘Role’

A user’s Role determines their permissions in DaisyBill. Roles from least to greatest permission are:

  • Toolbox - Access limited to Patient, Injury information and Requests for Authorization (RFA).  
  • Biller - Access to Patient, Injury, RFA and all Billing.  Does not include the ability to Void payments.
  • Reporter - Access to Patient, Injury, RFA all Billing, and all Reporting.  Does not include the ability to Void payments.
  • Organization Admin - Access to everything. The only role that can Manage Users, update and change Settings, view Billing and Invoices and Void payments.

Step 5. Select ‘Billing Provider Access’

Accounts with multiple Billing Providers can restrict user access to specific Billing Providers.  Uncheck all Billing Providers the new user shouldn’t access.

Step 6. Click Invite’

The user will receive an email invitation to create their user account.

Your team just got bigger!

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