Timely Payment

Undisputed workers' compensation medical bills are due within 30 days of receipt in Delaware.



Timely Payment

30 days

Delaware Code

Labor Part I General Provisions 


TITLE 19 Labor Workers' Compensation CHAPTER 23. WORKERS' COMPENSATION Subchapter II. Payments for Injuries or Death and Incidental Benefits 

Rule Text

§ 2322F Billing and payment for health-care services. (h) Prompt pay required for non pre authorized care. — An employer or insurance carrier shall be required to pay a health care invoice within 30 days of receipt of the invoice as long as the claim contains substantially all the required data elements necessary to adjudicate the invoice, unless the invoice is contested in good faith. If the contested invoice pertains to an acknowledged compensable claim and the denial is based upon compliance with the health care payment system and/or health care practice guidelines, it shall be referred to utilization review. Any such referral to utilization review shall be made within 15 days of denial. Unpaid invoices shall incur interest at a rate of 1% per month payable to the provider. A provider shall not hold an employee liable for costs related to non disputed services for a compensable injury and shall not bill or attempt to recover from the employee the difference between the provider's charge and the amount paid by the employer or insurance carrier on a compensable injury.

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