Penalty and Interest

An additional 12% interest per annum should be included on overdue balances for workers' compensation medical bills in Wisconsin.



Late Payment Due Date

30 days

Late Payment Percentage

12 % per year

Administrative Code Department of Workforce Development

DWD 80.72 Health service fee dispute resolution process. 

Statute or Regulation Text

DWD 80.72 Health service fee dispute resolution


(6) INTEREST ON LATE PAYMENT. (a) Except as provided in par. (b), in addition to any amount paid or awarded in a fee dispute, where an insurer or self−insurer fails to respond as required in subs. (3) and (4) or as directed under sub. (5), the insurer or self−insurer shall pay simple interest on the payment or award to the provider at an annual rate of 12%, to be computed by the insurer or self−insurer, from the date that the insurer or self−insurer first missed a deadline for response, to the date of actual payment to the provider.

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