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Request for Second Review: Denied Bill

Need to Second Review a denied bill?

Request for Second Review: Add or Change Units/Modifiers

Notice a mistake on a submitted bill?

Request for Second Review: Partial Payment

Need to appeal a partially paid bill?  Submit a Second Review!

Second Review: Denied as Duplicate

When a Second Review is incorrectly denied by a claims administrator as a Duplicate Billing, contact the claims administrator and/or file an Audit Complaint.

Second Review Denial: Missing Documentation

When a Second Review is incorrectly denied by a claims administrator due to Missing Documentation, DaisyBill can help. If the bill was submitted using DaisyBill, follow these instructions to contact the claims administrator and/or file an Audit Complaint.

Billing and Payment Rules

DaisyBill stores California workers’ comp-specific billing and reimbursement Ground Rules for HCPC, CPT  and med-legal codes. This information is helpful for determining reimbursement accuracy.

Request for Second Review: Add New Supporting Documents

When submitting a Request for Second Review, DaisyBill automatically attaches the SBR-1 Form and the modified CMS1500 to the Second Review submission.

Request for Second Review Compliance

Submitting Second Review requests through DaisyBill guarantees 100% compliance when submitted within 90 days of the EOR date.

EORs NOT Required for SBR

A DaisyBiller reported that The Hartford denied a Second Review (SBR) because an EOR was not attached. This is noncompliant behavior!  

Apply Second Review Reasons

When submitting a request for Second Review, use your saved Second Review Reasons to populate the Reason for Requesting Second Bill Review field. Second Review Reasons save time by standardizing the language used in this field.