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Choose Bill Submission Method

DaisyBill makes bill submission easy. Here’s a guide to smart submission with DaisyBill.

DaisyBill Mail Submissions

When regular mail is the only way to submit a bill to a claims administrator, DaisyBill Mail conveniently mails the bill via the verified bill submission route for the claims administrator.  

View CMS 1500

Need to check a submitted bill’s CMS 1500 form? No sweat.

Forward Bill Submission

Need to send all or part of a bill to another party, like an attorney or other provider?

Report Error

DaisyBill always submits your bills compliantly.  Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee they are processed compliantly.  We’re constantly working to make things better for you and claims administrators, so if there’s a problem, use the Report Error button to let us know.

Create Audit Complaint

Facing a non-compliant claims administrator? File an Audit Complaint.