Primary treating physician's progress report - DWC PR-2

Under certain conditions, a Primary Treating Physician must issue a PR-2 report to a claims administrator

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Which version of the form do providers need to use?

A: As of January 1, 2016, providers must use the new 2015 version of the DWC Form PR-2, which incorporates ICD-10 diagnosis codes.


California Code of Regulations § 9785(f) Reporting Duties of the Primary Treating Physician:

A Primary Treating Physician (PTP) shall issue a PR-2 report to a claims administrator if any of the following eight conditions occur:

  1. The employee’s condition undergoes an unexpected significant change.
  2. There is any significant change in the treatment plan.
  3. The employee's condition permits return to modified or regular work
  4. The employee's condition requires him or her to leave work, or requires changes in work restrictions or modifications.
  5. The employee is released from care.
  6. The claims administrator reasonably requests appropriate additional information that is necessary to administer the claim.
  7. The primary treating physician concludes that the employee's permanent disability precludes, or is likely to preclude, the employee from engaging in the employee's usual occupation.
  8. For continuing medical treatment, a progress report shall be made no later than forty-five days from the last report PR-2.

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Primary treating physician's progress report - DWC PR-2

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Primary treating physician's progress report - DWC Form PR-2

Additional Information

California Code of Regulations § 9785(f)

DWC Forms Page

DWC ICD-10 page

DIR Newsline No.: 2015-86


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