Penalty and Interest

An additional 1% per month should be included on overdue balances for workers' compensation medical bills in Illinois.



Late Payment Due Date

30 days

Late Payment Percentage

1% per month

Illinois Compiled Statutes

§8.2: Medical Fee Schedule 

Statute or Regulation Text

Sec. 8.2. Fee schedule (d)

(3) In the case (i) of nonpayment to a provider        
within 30 days of receipt of the bill which contained substantially all of the required data elements necessary to adjudicate the bill, (ii) of nonpayment to a provider of a portion of such a bill, or (iii) where the provider has not been issued an explanation of benefits for a bill, the bill, or portion of the bill up to the lesser of the actual charge or the payment level set by the Commission in the fee schedule established in this Section, shall incur interest at a rate of 1% per month payable by the employer to the provider. Any required interest payments shall be made by the employer or its insurer to the provider within 30 days after payment of the bill.

 (4) If the employer or its insurer fails to pay interest within 30 days after payment of the bill as required pursuant to paragraph (3), the provider may bring an action in circuit court for the sole purpose of seeking payment of interest pursuant to paragraph (3) against the employer or its insurer responsible for insuring the employer's liability pursuant to item (3) of subsection (a) of Section 4. The circuit court's jurisdiction shall be limited to enforcing payment of interest pursuant to paragraph (3). Interest under paragraph (3) is only payable to the provider. An employee is not responsible for the payment of interest under this Section. The right to interest under paragraph (3) shall not delay, diminish, restrict, or alter in any way the benefits to which the employee or his or her dependents are entitled under this Act.

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