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Wondering how to better navigate pages in DaisyBill? Think of our pages like a stack of paper.

DaisyBill’s page navigation mimics a real workers comp billing file. Each section represents a component of the billing process:

  • Billing Provider - Information DaisyBill stores about the provider.
  • Patient - Demographic information about the patient.
  • Injury - Information about the patient’s injury.
  • List of Bills - Lists all bills for a patient’s injury.
  • Bill - Documents the billed services and billing reports.
  • Bill History - Tracks and lists information related to the bill submission.

Study the graphic until you’re clear on the layout, then keep reading to learn how DaisyBill helps you manage Page Navigation.

Method 1: Clicking the Page Title

When you click a page title, the pages on top of that page are hidden. Think of it like pulling a real page out of a stack and placing it on top.

DaisyBill Pro Tip: This is ideal for focusing on a single page without distraction.

And don’t worry! Even though clicking a page title temporarily hides all the other pages, DaisyBill still saves the information.

clicking the name.gif

Method 2: Click the White Space to Expand / Contract a Page

Click a page’s white space to expand or contract the page without removing other pages. This is like glancing at a page without removing it from the stack.

DaisyBill Pro Tip: Clicking the white space is your best bet for quick edits or checking old data.

clicking white space.gif

You can view a whole file with just a few clicks!

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