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Injury Medical Provider Network (MPN)

The Injury Medical Provider Network (MPN) Tool allows you to quickly attach an approved MPN to a specific patient injury and verify which providers are in the MPN.

Every month, we scan the DWC list of approved MPNs and integrate it into our app. You’ll never have to worry about about tracking changes or manually sifting through the 2,311 (and counting) approved MPNs again.

Step 1. Call the Claims Administrator to determine whether the insurer or self-insured employer has an MPN

If so, ask which MPN it is.

Tip: Use the updated Claims Administrator Profile to quickly locate contact information

Step 2. Click ‘Select MPN’

Step 3. Search for the name of the MPN and click ‘Select’

Note the MPN approval date and current status.

Tip: If available, click the URL for the MPN website to confirm that a provider is listed on MPN list

Step 4. To remove the MPN from an injury, click ‘Clear MPN’

Step 5. Note the changes in the Injury History

That’s that – three cheers for efficiency!

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