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Macy's, Sedgwick Bill Review, and Payor ID

Last update
March 21, 2018

Self-insured employer Macy’s no longer utilizes EK Health Bill Review. Effective March 3, 2018, Macy’s switched to Sedgwick Claims Management Services National Bill Review.

Providers must submit bills for Macy’s employees to Sedgwick Bill Review using a single payor ID number for Macy’s and all its affiliates, including Bloomingdale’s and Blue Mercury.

Originally, Sedgwick issued a letter to providers in advance of the bill review change. This letter included four different payor ID’s for various Macy’s locations and affiliates. These numbers, however, were incorrect and caused erroneous bill rejections.

Since then, Optum has provided one single, correct payor ID for all Macy’s locations and affiliates.

Providers with any questions about the change or the payor ID may direct their enquiries to Sedgwick Claims Management Services at (866)-495-7844.

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