Intercare: Sussex / Companion Insurance

Sussex Insurance, formerly known as Companion Property and Casualty Insurance (hereafter referred to as Sussex / Companion) uses Intercare Holdings Insurance Services, Inc. at Glendale as its third-party administrator. For bill review services, Sussex/Companion now uses Paladin Managed Care Services; it no longer uses InterMed for bill review.

According to an InterMed representative, InterMed began rejecting electronic bills belonging to Sussex / Companion claims as of October 1, 2015.

For all Sussex / Companion claims in DaisyBill, on the patient’s Injury page, select InterCare Insurance Services (TPA) from the Claims Administrator dropdown, then select Sussex/Companion Insurance as the Payer (see below).

To determine whether an Intercare claim belongs to Sussex / Companion:

  1. Claim numbers beginning with the numbers 719 belong to Sussex / Companion (note, however, that these are not the ONLY claim numbers).
  2. Contact Intermed at (800) 281-8186 and provide claim number and social security number.
  3. Review the explanation of review (EOR). The ‘Company Name’ identifies either Companion or Sussex (see below).

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