Employers Insurance Rejected Bill Status

Employers Insurance rejects bill submissions if the Patient or Injury information does not exactly match the information on file with Employers. Prior to resubmitting a rejected bill, edit and correct the necessary information.

For rejected Employers Insurance bills, DaisyBill researches the claim information on file with Employers and provides the following information when available:

Patient Demographics

  • Claimant Name
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Birth Date

Injury Information

  • Claim Number
  • Injury Date
  • Employer

To correct and resubmit an Employers Insurance rejected bill, follow these steps.

Step 1. From Injury Page, click the ‘Comments’ tab, then review Employers Insurance Information 

  • If available, DaisyBill provides the patient demographic and injury information on file with Employers.  This information appears in the Injury Comment.  
  • If unavailable, there will be no Injury Comment from DaisyBill.  Contact Employers Insurance to verify patient demographic and injury information.


Step 2. Compare Injury ‘Comment’ Information to information on the Submitted Bill: check the ‘Patient Name’ and ‘Claimant Name’, edit if necessary

Pay close attention to the spelling of patient’s name.

Step 3. Check ‘SSN’, edit if Necessary

Step 4. Check ‘DOB’ and ‘Birth Date’, edit if Necessary

Step 5. Check ‘Claim Number’, edit if necessary

Step 6. Check ‘Date of Injury’ and ‘Injury Date’, edit if necessary

Step 7. Review the Bill, then click ‘Submit’

Review all of the patient’s bills for additional rejections.

  • Contact DaisyBill if resubmitted rejected bills are subsequently rejected again.


We hope that helps!

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