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DaisyBill developers created a sortable, searchable spreadsheet of DWC-approved MPNs. You can download it for free.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can I track changes to the DWC MPN list or easily verify which providers are in an MPN?

A: In a word, no. The paltry resources available to the provider make it nearly impossible to definitively establish historical information for a particular MPN, including whether a provider is or was included in that MPN. However, DaisyBill developers created a sortable, searchable spreadsheet from the DWC PDF list of approved MPNs. We provide links to the MPN website when available, and update the spreadsheet once every month.


You may download the DaisyBill MPN Spreadsheet by clicking here and filling out the form. Doing so will allow us to send you email notifications whenever we update the spreadsheet.

We recommend that you download or bookmark the spreadsheet itself for ease of use.

Additional Information

DWC List of MPNs (PDFs)


Article 2.3 of the California Labor Code, which contains the legislature’s laws governing MPNs

DaisyBill Resources

Blog Post: Introducing Our Searchable MPN Spreadsheet

Webinar: Understanding Medical Provider Networks

DaisyBill Solutions

Searchable MPN Spreadsheet

DaisyBill’s Revenue Cycle Management software features a built-in MPN selection tool that allows you to quickly attach an approved MPN to a specific patient injury and verify which providers are in the MPN.


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