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Document Tasks

Document Upload: Injury Document

Last update
February 6, 2023

Use the Document Upload feature to upload documents related to an injury, e.g., Authorizations, PTP Letters, or C&R, directly to daisyBill.

Step 1. From the navigation bar, click ‘Billing Providers’, then select the Billing Provider

Step 2. Click ‘Document Upload’

Step 3. Select ‘Injury Document’

The Document Type must be selected first, or else a document cannot be dropped in / selected.

Step 4. Drag and drop the Injury Document(s) or select Injury Document(s) from your computer

A maximum of 200 documents can be uploaded at one time. A message will display if the count of documents exceeds this limit.

Step 5. Click ‘Upload’

After clicking ‘Upload’, the Injury Document Task will generate.

Step 6. Optional: click the ‘History’ icon to view the document history  

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