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Document Upload Explained - Multiple Billing Providers

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March 23, 2023

Note: These instructions are for accounts with multiple billing providers. If your account only has a single billing provider, please refer to this Help Article.

Step 1. From the navigation bar, click ‘Billing Providers’, then select the Billing Provider

Step 2. Click ‘Document Upload’

Step 3. Select the ‘Type’ of the document to upload

A Document Type must be selected first, or a document cannot be dropped in / selected for upload.

Your specific account will determine what document types are available.  Not all document types may be displayed.  Use the matrix below to determine the correct Document Type for various documents:

Select Document Type

Document Description

Common Documents

Patient Intake

Patient and injury demographic information

Patient Demographic Sheet

Patient Intake Sheet


Charges, procedure codes, etc. for a single date of service


Charge Slip/Sheet


Injury Document

Documents related to claim status or election of PTP.

PTP Letters

Attorney correspondence

Notification of Denied Claim/Injury

Bill Document

Reports, any documents required to substantiate bill charges.

Doctor’s First Reports

Primary Treating Physician Reports

Permanent and Stationary Reports

Medical Legal Reports

Attorney Joint Letters

Medical Record Attestations


Correspondence from claims administrators regarding processing of bills.

Explanations of review

Proof of payment



Other documents not otherwise classified above.

Optional: for the ‘EOR’ Document Type, you may enter a Batch Date. This may be useful to indicate the Deposit Date that should be entered for the EOR.

Step 4. Drag and drop documents or click ‘Select Documents’ to locate files on your computer

Documents should be uploaded as individual files.  Do not combine multiple documents of any type into a single file.

A Document Type must be selected first, before the ‘Select Document’ button is enabled.

A maximum of 200 documents can be uploaded at one time. A message will display if the count of documents exceeds this limit.

Files can also be dragged into the upload box.

Step 5. Review Files

Files that can be successfully uploaded will display a green progress bar.  Files that cannot be successfully uploaded will display a red progress bar.

To remove an individual document from the upload, click the ‘x’ icon to the right of the document bar.

Step 6. Click ‘Upload’

That's it!  Files are on their way to your organization’s dedicated daisyCollect team!

Step 6. (Optional) View document history

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