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Document Tasks

Document Task: Injury Document

Last update
February 6, 2023

Attach documents related to the injury such as Authorizations, PTP Letters, or C&R by completing the Injury Document Task.

Step 1. From the navigation bar, click ‘Billing Providers’, then select the Billing Provider

Step 2. Scroll down to ‘Document Tasks’ and click ‘Work Tasks’ next to ‘Injury Document’

Document Tasks can also be viewed from ‘All Tasks’ on the Homescreen (and also from ‘My Tasks’, depending on the Document Tasks Preferences). See this Help Article for more information: Home Screen Explained.

Step 3. Search for Patient 

If a non-Injury Document ends up in this task queue, it can be reclassified by clicking ‘Change Document Type’. For more information, see this Help Article: Change Document Type.

Step 4. Confirm the Patient and Injury that match the Injury Document, then click ‘Select’

Step 5. (Optional) Enter a Description

Step 6. (Optional) Select ‘Report Type’

By default, ‘OZ - Support Data for Bill’ is assigned as the Report Type.

Step 7. Click ‘Add’

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