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Document Task: EOR

Last update
March 23, 2023

Post or attach Explanations of Review, Paper Check, EFT, or Virtual Credit Card payments by completing the EOR Document Task.

Step 1. From the navigation bar, click ‘Billing Providers’, then select the Billing Provider

Step 2. Scroll down to ‘Document Tasks’ and click ‘Work Tasks’ next to ‘EOR’

Document Tasks can also be viewed from ‘All Tasks’ on the Homescreen (and also from ‘My Tasks’, depending on the Document Tasks Preferences). See this Help Article for more information: Home Screen Explained.

Step 3. Search for Patient

If a non-EOR document ends up in this task queue, it can be reclassified by clicking ‘Change Document Type’. For more information, see this Help Article: Change Document Type.

Step 4. Confirm the Patient that matches the EOR, then click ‘Select’

Step 5. Select the Bill that matches the EOR, then click ‘Post’

A bill that requires a manual posting typically has a ‘Status’ of ‘Accepted’.

You will be directed to the bill page after clicking ‘Select’. If the EOR is for a Bill that has already been posted to, then click the Upload icon. Do not double post. A good indicator is if the ‘Status’ is ‘Processed’ or ‘Closed’.

When attaching an EOR, you can add a Deposit Date. The Deposit Date is the date your practice deposited the payment into your bank account.

The Pencil icon allows you to edit the Reference Number and the Payment Form.

You can also add a Discount Contract when attaching an EOR by using the scissors icon. You will be prompted to enter the percentage of fee schedule your contract permits, and the name of that contract.

Click the Upload icon to post the EOR to the bill.

Step 6. If no posting exists on the bill yet, then enter Bill Submission Payment information and click ‘Post’

For more information about posting an EOR, see this Help Article: Post: Paper EOR.

Optional: refer to the Task Side Bar for the Payment Deposit Date. If present, this will indicate the Deposit Date to be entered for the EOR.

Do not click ‘Upload EOR’ on this page. The Paper EOR will automatically be attached to the posting upon completion of this Document Task.

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