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Add / Edit / View Task History

Bills that require attention are automatically assigned Tasks. Completing Tasks timely gets your Bills worked and processed quickly and efficiently!

By default, DaisyBill assigns Tasks to the user who created the bill. But you can increase efficiency by editing assigned users or due dates, adding comments, or viewing Task History.  To automatically set Task Assignment Preferences, see the Help Article: Task Assignment Preferences.

Remember to keep Bills moving by working through your Tasks every day!

Here’s how to manage the Tasks:

Step 1. From the Bill Page, click ‘Task List’

Step 2. Click task to edit

Tasks in red are overdue.

Step 3. Edit ‘Assigned User’ and / or ‘Due Date’, then click ‘Save Changes’

Step 4. To add a ‘Comment’, click ‘Add’

Comments are optional, but recommended for noting additional Task information.

Step 5. To view ‘Task History’, click the ‘History’ tab

History displays all edits made to Task.

Billing just got even easier!

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