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Add / Complete Custom Task

When necessary, create, edit, and complete Custom Tasks in DaisyBill.

Step 1. From Bill Page, click ‘Bill History’

Step 2. To add ‘Task’, click ‘Add Task’

add task new.png

Step 3. From pop-up, enter ‘Message’

Best practice is to enter a description of the Task.

task mssg popup.png

Step 4. Select ‘Assigned User’

select assigned user.png

Step 5. Set ‘Due Date’, click ‘Create Task’

due date create.png

Step 6. To add a comment, click on ‘Task’, type comment, click ‘Add’

Comments store additional information about a task.

comment new.png

Step 7. To mark ‘Task’ as complete, click ‘Mark Complete’

Mark Complete button only appears for custom tasks. For DaisyBill tasks, the task is automatically marked complete after a user completes it.

mark complete 2.png

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